The COVID-19 pandemic jeopardizes many levels of society. The family unit, a foundation of societal structure and function, is particularly vulnerable to the unpredictability of this current crisis. The Family-Directed Structural Assessment Tool (FDSAT) offers a means by which service providers and families can reinforce structure within and around the family unit. This potentially offers a level of predictability and sense of safety during an extraordinarily challenging time. A brief history of the FDSAT is addressed, followed by an overview of tenets specific to the assessment tool. An in-depth case study is provided. This example demonstrates the use of FDSAT concepts and processes with a family experiencing the daunting challenges and extreme strain of the current pandemic.

Key Take Away Points

  • Readers are introduced to concepts and processes specific to the use of the Family-Directed Structural Assessment Tool (FDSAT)
  • A case example is presented utilizing the FDSAT with a family experiencing the challenges and unpredictability of COVID-19
  • This article offers one means by which service providers can enhance work with families during the current pandemic

Author Biography

Tara McLendon, MSW, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Northern Kentucky University