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Levi Jones (1792-1878) was a physician and land speculator, and was one of the ten people who formed the original Galveston City Company

Captain John T.K. Lothrop (1814-1844) was a lieutenant in the Texas Navy and second lieutenant on board the Independence. He was also the commander of the Zavala and the Wharton where he negotiated for fuel and supplies from the Yucatan.



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May 7, 1845




Medicine--United States--History--19th century, Historical documents, Physicians, Probate law and practice--Texas, Galveston (TX), probate records, legal documents, estate records, property (legal concept), judicial records, compensation (economic concept), ephemera (general object genre)


Galveston (TX)


Probate court document appointing Edwin W. More as administrator of the Estate of Captain John T.K. Lothrop, signed by Dr. Levi Jones. See more at John P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents and its finding aid.


Digital copy made available by Texas Medical Center Library



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