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Samuel Garner Haynie (1806-1877) was a physician, mayor of Austin, personal physician to Sam Houston, commissioner in charge of the erection of the capitol building in Austin, superintendent of the Austin Blind Institute.

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Enslaved persons--Medical care--United States--History--19th century, Historical Documents, Probate law and practice--Texas, Independence (TX), ledgers (account books), financial records, invoices, ephemera (general object genre)


Independence (TX)


Itemized bill of medical services, medications, and drugs provided by Dr. Haynie to Mr. and Mrs. Lockridge, family, and enslaved boy, payment made in full by Mrs. Lockridge on behalf of late husband's estate, See more at John P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents and its finding aid.


Digital copy made available by Texas Medical Center Library.



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