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Open Access Journals through its novel initiative is committed to bring forth genuine and reliable scientific contributions to the relevant community. DigitalCommons@TMC currently has 8 open-access, peer-reviewed journals in various medical disciplines, with the first one, Family Preservation Journal started in 1995, and the most recent, Journal of Shock and Hemodynamics launched this past summer. With a a LibGuide, "DigitalCommons@TMC Start Guide" and collaboration with faculty and staff with supporting institutions, this is a platform to encourage faculty/staff/student publication, share research for the community and beyond.


Presented at Digital Commons North American Conference, Nov. 10th, 2022.

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Belletti, Luca; Schwartz, Amanda MLIS; Samuel, Tabitha Y. MLIS; Moore, Steven J. MSLIS; Chu, Ashley N.; and Sherwood, Alice, "Light Years of Lightning Talks - Session 4.2" (2022). Digital Commons North American Conference. 5.

Published Open-Access