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Herman Eberhard Detering, III, was born July 2, 1938, in Houston; his father H.E. Detering, Jr. (1902-1977) was also born in Houston and his grandfather H.E. Detering, Sr. (1862-1927), was born in Germany but came to Houston in 1871. Detering, Sr., was the founder of The Detering Company Building Supplies, which is still operated (as of 2020) by the family. H.E. Detering, III was the longtime owner of the Detering Book Gallery, a rare bookstore in the Houston area. He died March 21, 2015.

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Psychiatry, Photography, Photograph collections, Mental illness, Psychiatric hospitals, Houston (TX), Barre (MA), Bloomingdale Hospital, Henri Dagonet (1823-1902), J. M. (Jean Martin) Charcot (1825-1893), Detering Book Gallery (Houston, TX), McLean Hospital, Th. (Theodor) Ziehen (1862-1950), Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926), FotoFest 1988 (Houston, TX), photographs, books, artifacts (object genre), photographs » negatives (photographs)


The Herman Detering History of Photography and Psychiatry collection contains 324 books.. This collection was also processed as a manuscript collection so that the materials in the collections could be discoverable. This collection explores the relationship and history of photography and psychiatry, especially 19th century photography and the “insane.” The primary focus of the collection is the treatment and study of people suffering from various forms of mental illness. See more at RB 002.


The Detering Rare Book Collection was created and books shelved together in the HRC stacks. Archival materials were boxed and in appropriate sized boxes and shelved in the archival stacks and oversize sections. No accruals are expected for this collection. See more at



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