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Led by Dr. Elva A. Wright, the San Jacinto Lung Association was first established on November 11, 1911 as the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League. In the early 20th Century, Houston had a higher death rate of tuberculosis than the national average with two in 1000 persons dying from the disease in 1910. At the time, there was no organized movement to address the public health crisis in the city. The founding members were Dr. Wright, Mrs. J. G. Love (General Secretary of United Charities), Sybil Campbell (Headworker at Rusk Settlement House), Dr. T. B. Thorning, and Dr. M. B. Stokes. They modeled the organization on the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association and the Texas State Anti-Tuberculosis Association, which were establish a few years before in 1904 and 1908 respectively.In 1947 the City of Houston took over full operation of the clinic and public health nursing services allowing the Association to focus more on its education and prevention services. Through more effective drug treatments and the Association’s programs, like school screening in 1930s, chest X-rays in 1940s, and mobile X-ray units in 1950s, the tuberculosis death rate declined significantly in Houston.


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Activities while in Jefferson. Davis. Hospital basement. Miss Atkinson talks with a young patient. Rt. Mrs. Maurine Mitchell, second medical social worker at the TB clinic and the first at the Houston TB Hospital. Lf. The Third medical social worker at the TB Clinic, Miss Frances Clay. Young clinic patient being X-rayed by Mrs. Frances Brown. home visists were made by the nursing staff. educational work with student nurses, graduate nurses, and medical students at the clinic were carried on. Public education was not neglected. Seal Sale is always with us! See more at


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