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Thesis (MS)

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Genetic Counseling

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Masters of Science (MS)

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Aranza Gonzalez Cendejas, MS, CGC

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Blair K. Stevens, MS, CGC

Committee Member

Meagan Choates, MS, CGC

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Syed Hashmi, MD, MPH, PhD

Committee Member

Luana Goulet, MS, CGC


As recommendations for prenatal genetic screening are expanded to include patients with pregnancies at low risk for aneuploidy, there is a need to develop accessible mechanisms to promote informed decision-making about genetic screening. The use of patient decision aids has been shown to promote informed decision-making. UTHealth Houston has developed and implemented an online module for pre-test triage for genetic counseling and education of low-risk pregnant patients about genetic screening, called the Prenatal Genetic Education Program (PGEP).

Here, through a retrospective chart review, we characterize the use of PGEP to triage previously presumed low-risk patients to genetic counseling, and whether patients follow-up with genetic counseling appointments when indicated. Additionally, we describe the prenatal genetic screening decisions facilitated through the PGEP module, factors associated with such decisions, and whether or how those decisions change following a subsequent genetic counseling appointment. This study will aid genetic counselors' optimization of the PGEP module and identification of variables that affect patient decisions about prenatal genetic screening.


Decision aid, prenatal screening, online module, NIPT, carrier screening, genetic counseling



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