Submission Guidelines for Dissertations & Theses (Open Access)

When you post your dissertation or thesis to The TMC Library’s Digital Commons repository, you are making your work available to researchers around the world, at no charge. This gives you several advantages:

  • More people can locate and read your work.
  • Open-access dissertations are cited much more frequently than hard-copy or online pay-per-access dissertations.
  • Other researchers can find your email address if they want to contact you.
  • You’ll receive an e-mailed report each month showing how many times your dissertation has been downloaded.

Current Students

For instructions on how to upload your dissertation or thesis, contact

You retain the copyright to your work, granting us the non-exclusive right to publish it. You will be notified by e-mail when the paper is officially posted to the Digital Commons, and you'll receive monthly e-mail reports letting you know how many times your dissertation or thesis was downloaded.

Previous Students

If you are a student from a previous year and would like to add your dissertation to the collection, please contact Please be sure to enter a current email address so we can contact you if we have any questions.