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Dissertation (PhD)

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Medical Physics

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Mohammad Salehpour

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David Jaffray

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Dirk Bartkoski

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Peter Balter

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Khandan Keyomarsi

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Ramesh Tailor

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Surendra Prajapati


The Monte Carlo particle simulator TOPAS, the multiphysics solver COMSOL., and

several analytical radiation transport methods were employed to perform an in-depth proof-ofconcept

for a high dose rate, high precision converging beam small animal irradiation platform.

In the first aim of this work, a novel carbon nanotube-based compact X-ray tube optimized for

high output and high directionality was designed and characterized. In the second aim, an

optimization algorithm was developed to customize a collimator geometry for this unique Xray

source to simultaneously maximize the irradiator’s intensity and precision. Then, a full

converging beam irradiator apparatus was fit with a multitude of these X-ray tubes in a

spherical array and designed to deliver converged dose spots to any location within a small

animal model. This aim also included dose leakage calculations for estimation of appropriate

external shielding. The result of this research will be the blueprints for a full preclinical

radiation platform that pushes the boundaries of dose localization in small animal trials.


Small animal radiotherapy, Preclinical research, FLASH therapy, Microradiotherapy, Simulation, Monte Carlo particle transport, Mathematical modelling, Finite element analysis, X-ray tube, Orthovoltage



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