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The Journal of Nuclear Medicine


Radiopharmaceutical dosimetry is usually estimated via organ-level MIRD schema-style formalisms, which form the computational basis for commonly used clinical and research dosimetry software. Recently, MIRDcalc internal dosimetry software was developed to provide a freely available organ-level dosimetry solution that incorporates up-to-date models of human anatomy, addresses uncertainty in radiopharmaceutical biokinetics and patient organ masses, and offers a 1-screen user interface as well as quality assurance tools. The present work describes the validation of MIRDcalc and, secondarily, provides a compendium of radiopharmaceutical dose coefficients obtained with MIRDcalc. Biokinetic data for about 70 currently and historically used radiopharmaceuticals were obtained from the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) publication 128 radiopharmaceutical data compendium. Absorbed dose and effective dose coefficients were derived from the biokinetic datasets using MIRDcalc, IDAC-Dose, and OLINDA software. The dose coefficients obtained with MIRDcalc were systematically compared against the other software-derived dose coefficients and those originally presented in ICRP publication 128. Dose coefficients computed with MIRDcalc and IDAC-Dose showed excellent overall agreement. The dose coefficients derived from other software and the dose coefficients promulgated in ICRP publication 128 both were in reasonable agreement with the dose coefficients computed with MIRDcalc. Future work should expand the scope of the validation to include personalized dosimetry calculations.


MIRD, MIRDcalc, dosimetry, radiopharmaceuticals



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