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Nature Communications


Albinism is a group of inherited disorders mainly affecting skin, hair and eyes. Here we identify a de novo point mutation, p.R210C, in the TPCN2 gene which encodes Two Pore Channel 2 (TPC2) from a patient with albinism. TPC2 is an endolysosome and melanosome localized non-selective cation channel involved in regulating pigment production. Through inside-out recording of plasma membrane targeted TPC2 and direct recording of enlarged endolysosomal vacuoles, we reveal that the R210C mutant displays constitutive channel activation and markedly increased affinity to PI(3,5)P


Animals, Mice, Albinism, Fibroblasts, Gain of Function Mutation, Hydrogen-Ion Concentration, Lysosomes, Calcium Channels



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