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Applications in Plant Sciences


PREMISE: Sample preparation in genomics is a critical step that is often overlooked in molecular workflows and impacts the success of downstream genetic applications. This study explores the use of a recently developed focused ultrasound extraction (FUSE) technique to enable the rapid release of DNA from plant tissues for genetic analysis.

METHODS: FUSE generates a dense acoustic cavitation bubble cloud that pulverizes targeted tissue into acellular debris. This technique was applied to leaf samples of American chestnut (

RESULTS: We observed that FUSE can extract high quantities of DNA in 9-15 min, compared to the 30 min required for control DNA extraction methods. FUSE extracted DNA quantities of 24.33 ± 6.51 ng/mg and 35.32 ± 9.21 ng/mg from American chestnut and red maple, respectively, while control methods yielded 6.22 ± 0.87 ng/mg and 11.51 ± 1.95 ng/mg, respectively. The quality of the DNA released by FUSE allowed for successful amplification and next-generation sequencing.

DISCUSSION: These results indicate that FUSE can improve DNA extraction efficiency for leaf tissues. Continued development of this technology aims to adapt to field-deployable systems to increase the cataloging of genetic biodiversity, particularly in low-resource biodiversity hotspots.


DNA extraction, focused ultrasound, genomics, plant genetics


PMID: 36818781



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