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Patient Preference and Adherence


PURPOSE: This study aimed to identify the most important attributes for a gonadotropin pen as perceived by assisted reproductive technology (ART) patients and fertility nurses, and to examine how well a prototype HP-hMG (MENOPUR

PATIENTS AND METHODS: This market research study incorporated a two-part survey with respondents (N=221) from Poland, Spain and the UK. Respondents included patients (n=141) who consulted a fertility specialist in the previous 2 years, and fertility nurses (n=80) who assisted in at least 75 ART cycles/year. Patients were divided into two subgroups depending on their experience with ART (experienced and naïve). Key attributes for an injection pen, as perceived by patients and nurses, were assessed via an online survey and ranked by their relative importance using Anchored Maximum Difference Scaling. After performing a dummy injection, respondents compared the attributes of an unbranded prototype pen against the key attributes identified.

RESULTS: Across all survey respondents, the ability to correct the dialed dose was considered to be the most important product attribute of a gonadotropin pen. Confidence in the patient's ability to inject correctly at home was also identified as a key attribute, considered by both nurses and naïve patients as extremely high. When considering the prototype pen device, almost all study respondents reported a positive experience (99%) with 72% rating it as "very good". The prototype pen was perceived to possess the key attributes considered important for a gonadotropin pen by patients and nurses, including correcting the dose, the ability to self-inject safely and correctly, ease of preparation and use, and an injection which appeared to be as painless as possible.

CONCLUSION: The prototype pen was found to perform well across all key attributes, especially those considered most important in gonadotropin pens, suggesting that it is a user-friendly option for patients undergoing ART.


fertility, ovarian stimulation, patient preference, assisted reproductive technology, gonadotropin-injection pen


PMID: 37220565



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