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BACKGROUND: Trauma and a subsequent hemorrhagic shock (T/HS) result in insufficient oxygen delivery to tissues and multiple organ failure. Extracellular adenosine, which is a product of the extracellular degradation of adenosine 5' triphosphate (ATP) by the membrane-embedded enzymes CD39 and CD73, is organ protective, as it participates in signaling pathways, which promote cell survival and suppress inflammation through adenosine receptors including the A

METHODS: T/HS shock was induced by blood withdrawal from the femoral artery in wild-type, global knockout (CD39, CD73, A

RESULTS: T/HS upregulated the expression of CD39, CD73, and the A

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, the CD39-CD73-A


A2BR, Acute lung injury, Adenosine, CD39, CD73, Trauma hemorrhagic shock

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