About This Journal

The VAD Journal is a multidisciplinary, open access publication devoted to all aspects of mechanically assisted circulation and advanced heart failure. Our goal is to address topics and issues related to mechanically assisted circulation and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among professionals from various specialties working with ventricular assist devices (VADs) and other technology that improves the lives of patients with heart failure. The ultimate goal of the journal is to assist the field in improving patient care.

Currently, articles related to VADs are orphans in journals devoted to cardiac transplantation, bioengineering, or cardiothoracic surgery. The VAD Journal aims to appeal to a multidisciplinary group of specialists, including cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, radiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, cardiac imaging specialists, bioengineers, and basic science researchers in advanced heart failure. This multidisciplinary expertise is needed to effectively treat heart failure and ensure the successful use of mechanically assisted circulation devices. Thus, the VAD Journal aims to speak to experts across disciplines.

The VAD Journal publishes a wide spectrum of clinically-focused research including original research studies, case reports, images, techniques, and reviews. Since the journal is published online, authors are able to submit and publish high-quality images and videos. Online publishing also enables a fast turnaround time. The average time to decision from submission is less than 30 days.

We intend for the VAD Journal to differ from existing journals in several ways:

The journal will be online only, and therefore we will be publishing accepted papers as soon as they are copyedited. In this way, we will effect more rapid dissemination of new findings and ideas. We will attempt to publish all articles within 30 days of acceptance.

The journal uses peer-review for all articles except the annual literature review by the Editor-in-Chief, Brano Heart Failure Forum Proceeding Papers, and any editorials. A double-blinded review system is used to ensure fair and unbiased reviews. Each manuscript (after being initially screened by the Editor-in-Chief or an editorial board member) will be sent to at least two independent reviewers.

For questions or concerns please contact the managing editor at Rene.M.Gehring@uth.tmc.edu

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