Below is a list of the available finding aids (guides) to the collections held by the John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, located in Houston, Texas. The main strengths of the McGovern Historical Collections are history of cancer research, Texas Medical Center history, Houston-area hospitals, Texas medical history, the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, mental health, and vintage medical equipment.

The following finding aids are organized into two groups. Manuscript collections consist of the papers of individuals or families, including doctors, nurses, health-care workers, philanthropists, faculty, and researchers. Institutional collections consist of the records of organizations, such as not-for-profit groups, hospitals, governmental agencies, private or public clinics, and other types of entities.

Collections are organized by number. Manuscripts are designated by "MS" plus a number followed by the title of the collection. For example, the papers of Ernest Bertner appear as "MS 002 Guide to the Ernst W. Bertner, MD papers".

Institutional collections are designated by "IC" plus a number followed by the title of the collections, such as "IC 018 Records of the Harris County Hospital District".

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MS 002 Guide to the Ernst William Bertner papers; 1917-1952, Ernst William Bertner


MS 066 Guide to the Howard B. Hamilton, MD, papers; 1945-1997, Howard B. Hamilton M.D.


MS069 Guide to the Harold S. Skjonsby, DDS Papers, 1967-1987, Harold S. Skjonsby, DDS


MS 073 Guide to the William C. Moloney MD papers; 1952-1954, William C. Moloney MD


MS 112 Guide to the Joseph L. Belsky, MD papers; 1947-1996, Joseph L. Belsky M.D.