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Dissertation (PhD)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Nitin Tandon

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Edgar Walters

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Xaq Pitkow

Committee Member

Simon Fischer-Baum

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Valentin Dragoi


The human capability for fluent speech profoundly directs inter-personal communication and, by extension, self-expression. Language is lost in millions of people each year due to trauma, stroke, neurodegeneration, and neoplasms with devastating impact to social interaction and quality of life. The following investigations were designed to elucidate the neurobiological foundation of speech production, building towards a universal cognitive model of language in the brain. Understanding the dynamical mechanisms supporting cortical network behavior will significantly advance the understanding of how both focal and disconnection injuries yield neurological deficits, informing the development of therapeutic approaches.


language, neurobiology, electrocorticography, production, perception, stimulation, fMRI, DTI



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