The The VAD Journal is the official journal of the Brano Heart Failure Forum.

It is a multidisciplinary forum for all subspecialties in the field of mechanical assisted circulation and advanced heart failure. It is created with the purpose of enabling rapid dissemination of swift and unbiased clinical research and observations.

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Volume 8 Issue 1


Case Reports


Acute Pump Thrombosis within One Hour of a HeartMate 3 Implantation: Case Report
Zubair Shah, Noel Torres Acosta, AMANDEEP GOYAL, Tarun Dalia, Sara Henkel, and Travis Abicht


Fondaparinux as an Alternative Anticoagulant Treatment in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices and Recurrent Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Case Series
Daniela Piani, Andrea Lechiancole, Massimo Maiani, Igor Vendramin, Sandro Sponga, Elisabetta Auci, and Ugolino Livi

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