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Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2022) The Importance of Sleep for Child Wellbeing

Binal Kancherla, MD

Special Issue Associate Editors

Daniel Hsu, MD, Amee Revana, DO, Sonal Malhotra, MD, Kevin Kaplan, MD, Krista Reiling, MD

This special issue of the Journal for Applied Research on Children will focus on articles that have implications for sleep health in children from birth to early adulthood. Both clinical, translational, and population-based research in pediatric sleep medicine is needed to help primary care providers and pediatric specialists to understand the unique sleep needs and disorders found in children.

Issue Editor's Point of View



Concordance in caregiver and child sleep health metrics among families experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage: A pilot study
Lauren Covington, Aditi Satti, Benjamin Brewer, Rachel Blair, Ilona Duffy, Jean-Phillipe Laurenceau, Shannon Mayberry, Angeni Cordova, Elissa Hoopes, and Freda Patterson


Better Sleep Through Screen Time: The Role of Telehealth in Sleep Care for the School-Aged Child
Innessa Donskoy, Matthew Balog, Darius Loghmanee, and Kathleen Webster


Adolescent Sleep Behavioral Interventions and Opportunities to Improve Cognitive Functioning: A Call for Action
Leonell Torres-Pagan, Angelica Terepka, Renata Vaysman, Nicole M. Velez-Agosto, John Usseglio, and Ari Shechter


Problematic online gaming. Is it real and does it matter to our teenagers?
Kevin Kaplan MD, David Spielberg, Binal Kancherla, Daniel Glaze, O'Brian Smith, Timothy Vece, and Marianna Sockrider


Examining the Association of Second Grade Children's Sleep and Screen Time Recommendations
Ethan T. Hunt, Nalini Ranjit, Keith Brazendale, Sarah Burkart, Danielle Brown, and Deanna Hoelscher