Invited commentary of an article that discusses the association between parental factors and food insecurity by Angela Hilmers, Karen Cullen, Carolyn Moore and Teresia O’Connor.

Author Biography

Norma Olvera, PhD, Associate Professor, Health Program, Educational Psychology, University of Houston. Executive Director, BOUNCE Healthy Lifestyle Programs. Hispanic Health Coalition President. Dr. Olvera has devoted her career to the promotion of healthy living in Hispanic and African American youth, parents, and families. Dr. Olvera has developed, implemented, and evaluated several community obesity prevention and treatment programs involving a strong parental component. One such program is BOUNCE, which was recognized in 2006 by the Public Health Association as one of the best and most innovative nutrition and physical activity programs in Texas. Dr. Olvera has published numerous articles and presented papers on parental influences (e.g., socialization practices, cultural beliefs, and poverty and education levels) on children’s health behaviors, and program evaluation involving minority populations. In addition, Dr. Olvera has received several federal, state, and foundation funds to address health issues in underserved Hispanic and immigrant populations.