Invited commentary on the article "For Safety’s Sake: A Case Study of School Security Efforts and their Impact on Education Reform" by Rachel Garver and Pedro Noguera.

Author Biography

As the director of the Center for School Study Councils, Dr. Sokoloff is responsible for working with school superintendents, school boards, and district staff to help them keep pace with state-of-the-art educational and management theory, research, and practice. As founder and director of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement (PPCE), he has designed and implemented community engagement projects ranging locally and nationally. These interests have merged in the development of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement which involves working school districts and community organizations to create opportunities to engage students and adults in school and community problem-solving, as well as to build stronger, more productive relationships between schools and their communities. Dr. Sokoloff is on the advisory boards for the Perelman Jewish Day School, American Theater Arts for Youth, and the Education Policy LeadershipCenter. Dr. Sokoloff's applied research focuses on student civic engagement and community development, particularly the (re)building of a public for public education through the use of deliberative public forums. As director of the Penn Project on Civic Engagement, he designs and implements civic engagement projects in the region. Other projects focus on ways for communities to address the dropout rate in Philadelphia, challenges of integrating new immigrants into commercial corridors, and mental health policy. In addition, Dr. Sokoloff has worked with more than 80 educational organizations on a range of organizational development and improvement projects, strategic planning, and organizational redesign.