The mission of Houston Tomorrow is to improve the quality of life for all the people of the Houston. However, we have an overarching concern for protecting the futures of the children of the Houston region.

The Houston region needs to grow more connected by transit, walking, and biking with a focus on access to our major centers and attractions. We need safer streets, better access to healthy food options, and options for low-carbon lifestyles in walkable, urban, mixed-use areas. We need more people involved in regional planning and major decisions that will dictate the options of future generations.

Key Take Away Points

  • We need to work to build the Houston region our children deserve.
  • Every child deserves the freedom of safe, accessible transportation systems.
  • Every child deserves access to healthy food options.
  • Every child deserves the option of an efficient, urban lifestyle.
  • Every child deserves a seat at the table for major regional public decisions.
  • Building the Houston region to be worthy of our children is within our reach.

Author Biography

Jay Blazek Crossley works on transportation, food, growth, and development policy for Houston Tomorrow, a charitable nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for all the people of the Houston region. He is married to Lily Smith and lives on a farm in the Northwest corner of the Houston region just outside of Industry. He has a Masters in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin and is a musician who plays in a couple local bands. Crossley serves on the LISC-Houston program committee, on the executive committee of the Houston Food Policy Workgroup, and is a co-founder and board member of the Houston Access to Urban Sustainability project.