Call For Papers

Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk (JARC)

Volume 7, Issue 2- Fall, 2016

The Critical Years: Research and Progress in Early Education and Early Brain Development


Christopher Greeley (Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine)

Robert Sanborn (CHILDREN AT RISK)

Guest Editors: Steven Barnett (Executive Director of NIEER)

Allison Friedman-Krauss (NIEER)

Published by CHILDREN AT RISK and the Texas Medical Center Library and edited by the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute, the Journal of Applied Research on Children (JARC) serves to inform policy affecting children by providing applicable research to the public, child advocates, and policymakers on timely children's issues. Providing practical case studies and research on the transformative potential of policy change, JARC issues provide a powerful link between data and policy solutions to strengthen the arguments of child advocates across the country.

For the thirteenth issue, The Critical Years: Research and Progress in Early Education and Early Brain Development, the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute invites research concerning (but not limited to): new trends, developmentally appropriate practices, social and emotional wellbeing, engaging children and families, identifying Childhood Adversities (ACEs), language development, immigrant education, technology integration, and how our institutions and communities contribute to improved child outcomes.

The CHILDREN AT RISK Institute is seeking articles that include data-oriented evidence on the most pressing early brain and education related issues and what programs and policies are needed to combat these issues.

The Journal of Applied Research on Children is available online in an open-access format (jarc.childrenatrisk.org) and is indexed in CINAHL and SocINDEX, making it available to child advocates, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers across America. The journal is also being reviewed for inclusion in PubMed. Since its launch, journal articles have been downloaded over 121,000 times. The submission and peer review process are completed entirely online. Authors are encouraged to take advantage of the journal's online format by including videos, interactive charts, or links to online resources.

We encourage interested authors to submit an abstract or letter of interest to jarc@childrenatrisk.org by August 15, 2016. To view past issues of the journal or to submit a manuscript, please visit jarc.childrenatrisk.org.